Listing Your Studio on OmTown

Do I need to pay to have myself as a teacher, or Yoga Centre/Studio listed on Omtown Yoga?

No payment required, we are happy to provide this service free. We'd like to consider it as part of seva to this awesome community of yogis and yoginis! We ♥ you all...

What constitutes a studio?

Studios are defined as facilities that offer open classes usually with a variety of instructors. Although some studios have restrictions for admission (like Iyengar on Bronson and Downtown Yoga), they are essentially offering services in a public atmosphere. Anyone offering privates or classes from their home is definitely an independent.

How can I get involved?

Sign Up

As a centre owner, you should create an instructor profile. If you wish to list information, but are not interested in being listed as an instructor, you can choose to hide your listing in the profile settings. You must verify your account once completed to have full access to manage your profile and the studio. You will be sent an email with instructions on how to verify the account. You will then be able to create a studio under your account and manage the profile for the studio, including schedules and events/workshops.

Studios Already Listed at OmTown

Use the same email address we have on file for the studio if the studio is already listed as this will automatically make you an administrator for your yoga centre, and allow you full rights to manage the centre information and schedules.

List Schedules and Workshops

Schedules can be uploaded from specially formatted Excel spreadsheets (we can provide current schedules on demand), or by using the online schedule editing tools. We encourage you to list your workshops to widen the reach to all students in Ottawa. You can list as many workshops as you like, all for free!

How is the information used on Omtown Yoga?

All of the information on Omtown Yoga is interlinked and completely searchable by teacher, centre/studio, and/or workshop and event.  All information provided is private, please read Privacy Statement below.

All yoga teachers who currently teach at your yoga studios will be listed on OmTown when you add a current schedule.  Teachers do not and cannot list their studio classes themselves. We need full names for instructors to do matching on existing instructor profiles at OmTown for the classes they teach in studios. 

Your yoga teachers are welcome to create their own personal profile on the website, and it is then their responsibility to update any classes held outside of main yoga centres.

Who can view the website?

Everyone who has access to the internet!  The website is a public website, which means that, if you are a teacher, you need to decide how you would like people to contact you, and if you want to restrict some of your personal information (i.e. phone number, mailing address etc).

Why isn't my centre listed?

Good question! Help us identify centres that we need to add to our site. Better yet, why not list it yourself? Once you create an instructor account, you have the right to add a yoga studio, and list the classes and workshops for it.

Technical Help

We are a small team developing this site, and really need your support to help us iron out wrinkles in our code. We are testing on platforms available to us, but are aware of some issues with the Mac platforms. We encourage Mac users to use Firefox when using the studio and instructor tools. Safari has been known to have issues with some of our editing tools. If you are still having issues, please contact us directly to receive support. We may ask you to work with us directly to resolve the issue and request that you provide as much information about what you were doing, what browser and platform you are using, as well as any error messages your received.