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About Basia

As a little girl she was entranced by her father's books on yoga. She first embraced it in 1992.

In the Sivananda tradition, which first opened her heart to practice and exploration, she completed Teacher Training in1997. A few years later she discovered Ashtanga Vinyasa and began her studies with Richard Freeman. Over the years, training courses and workshops with David Swenson, Anna Forest, Hart Lazer, Sienna Sherman, Beryl Bender Birch and others have enhanced her life and her practice.

One teacher who has revolutionized her perspective on yoga has been Sanskrit scholar and philosopher Vyaas Houston.

A background in the healing arts of traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture has also informed her personal practice and teaching.

In yoga and other disciplines, her greatest joy is to play with both great strength and profound softness. Whether constructing her country home, painting, or creating stained glass art, she tries to dwell in the unity at the ore of all action.

Presently, she co-directs Santosha Yoga Studios in Ottawa, teaches classes and workshops, and leads retreats and teacher trainings.

My Quotations

Don't sweat the small stuff. It is all small stuff.