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Telephone: (613) 424-8221
Web Site:
Styles: Moksha Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga
Centres: Moksha Yoga Orleans, Moksha Yoga Ottawa

About renée

My life journey and experiences are colorful and varied and my sense of curiosity and love of life has led me down many roads. In Yoga I found the balance, peace and serenity which has enabled me to slow down in the pace of a crazy and hectic life and re-focus my energies on what is truly important to me. I try to be honest in my self expression through yoga in order to inspire my students in the benefits of yoga. I truly believe there is a ripple effect that comes from both the practice and philosophy of yoga that spreads inconspicuously into our lives and to those around us. I am certified in Moksha yoga, Yin level 1 & 2 and also Vinyasa Flow. I enjoy travelling, gardening and any physical activity that is done outdoors (hiking, kayaking, skiing), and I especially love spending quality time with my family