Instructor Profile

Summary on Richard Hudspith

Telephone: (613) 234-7117
Mobile: (613) 234-7117
Web Site: coming soon
Styles: Hatha Yoga (All Levels), Power Yoga, Somayog, Yin Yoga
Centres: Blue Crane Studio, Preston Yoga Studio

About Richard

Richard has been teaching yoga for more than a year and brings a wealth of teaching knowledge from his teaching experiences in BC, Japan, Germany and the United States. 

Richard studied yoga in Japan, doing training with Rodney Yee and Ramanand Patel, getting his Hatha Yoga certification at Rama Lotus and Somayog certification with Susan Randall in Wakefield.  Richard has also done trainings with Eion Finn, Paul Grilley and will be doing his Radiant Child certification in November of this year.

Private Sessions

I am available for private Hatha and Somayog classes.  The Somayog classes help a person alleviate back pain and realign their spine gently.  This class is also beneficial for people who want to reduce stress and be centered in their body.  Please contact me for additional information and costs.