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Summary on Jessica Puckering

Styles: Gentle Yoga, Hatha Yoga (All Levels), Hatha Yoga (Beginner), Hatha Yoga (Intermediate), Hatha Yoga (Specialized), Kids Yoga, Meditation, Vinyasa Flow, Yin - Meditation, Yin Yoga
Centres: Upward Dog Yoga Centre

About Jessica

Movement with consciousness, strength, and grace has been a fundamental aspect of Jessica's life since early childhood. For 13 years, Jessica practiced ballet, exploring the connection between body and spirit.  As creative writing gradually took charge over her passion for dance, Jessica chose to forgo ballet in order to delve deeper into the connection between mind and spirit. For a while, Jessica perceived the world primarily through the lens of a writer. One day yoga revealed itself to Jessica as an efficient way to nurture the physical, mental, and spiritual layers of the Self all in one discipline. Jessica went on to study yoga for the next 6 years, and became so inspired by the healing effects it had on her life that in 2012, Jessica graduated from the 200-hr Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Program at Upward Dog Yoga Centre. Jessica's yoga classes offer students the space to decompress from the daily stress of their lives, and the encouragement to let go of worldly concerns by focussing their consciousness on the breath and the body. She teaches asanas as a gateway to the practices of presence and mindfulness. Off the mat, Jessica studies Human Relations and Spirituality at Saint Paul University, and is an early childhood caregiver. She appreciates yoga's capacity to bring the opposing forces of our nature into balance, beckoning us to grow our branches higher as we dig our roots deeper.