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Styles: Kundalini (Yogi Bhajan)

About Suzanne

Suzanne Winlove-Smith is a certified 10 Body & Kundalini Yoga as well as a Yoga Ed. Instructor that seeks to promote change, growth, health and happiness. She teaches private, corporate and community classes throughout Perth, Smiths Falls and Almonte Ontario.  She is also involved in a Harvard Medical Study on the benefits of yoga in Elementary School children. 
She is a Mother of three and her love of children has led her to become involved in the school system, as well as teach children yoga. Witnessing first hand the stress that children are under and have to deal with on a daily basis, she has developed a strong desire to seek change in the educational system and empower children through yoga and meditation. She has taught many educators and has introduced over 300 students to yoga and meditation. 
Currently she is attending University to study Conflict Resolution for Mediation with a focus on Organizational and System Design in order to learn, grow and assist her desire promoting positive social change.
Suzanne continues to seek, inspire and share her love of yoga.

Private Sessions

Private Yoga Therapy as well as Yogic Counselling

Yogic Numerology

Yogic Numerology is based on Yogi Bhajan's teachings of the TEN SUBTLE BODIES, through the science of  mathematics. This is a system of Personal Mastery based on the numeric vibrations on the date of our birth.

Yogic Counselling

We begin consultations and counselling with a look at the individual's birth numbers. This provides a deeply reliable foundation and an accurate sense of what each person needs to work on to create their best self and fullfill their unique destiny.