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Styles: Hatha Yoga (All Levels), Power Vinyasa, Power Yoga, Vinyasa Flow
Centres: Elevate Yoga (previously Santosha Yoga Elgin), Santosha Yoga

About Justine

Justine fell in love with yoga upon taking her first studio led class, in Ashtanga yoga.  She immediately immersed herself full-force into the practise, taking classes daily and developing an intensive home practise.  By the end of that summer, she had already decided to enrol in a teacher training certification program at Upward Dog yoga studio, whereupon she graduated in June 2006.  

Justine currently teaches at Mountaingoat Yoga, Santosha, and Adishesha Yoga Zone studios, and also leads corporate classes at her workplace (DND) and MXI Technologies.   In addition, she is an active participant in Lululemon's community events program, offering classes both within the branch facilities and throughout the local community.  

In constructing classes, Justine strives to cover off as many aspects of the discipline as possible, experimenting with sequencing of yoga asanas to reflect a particular theme.  Drawing from her dance, martial arts and music background, she aims to create challenging and fluid power and vinyasa flow classes that awaken and stimulate the entire body, mind and spirit.

Justine attributes all her success to the amazing and constant support from her husband and children, her family and friends.  She is inspired by her teachers and students and is grateful to them for everything they have taught her.