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Telephone: (613) 296-1162
Mobile: (613) 296-1162
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Styles: Yin Yoga

About Matthew

A dedicated martial-arts student since his teens, Matthew began practicing yoga in the late 90's as cross-training to improve his strength and flexibility. Cross-training quickly evolved into a passion for yoga, first concentrating on a strong, dynamic style. Gradually he moved towards a softer practice, exploring gentle Hatha, Yin and Akhanda.

Currently, Matthew's interests include Yoga Therapy, Tantra, Western Massage, Thai Yoga Massage and facilitating teacher trainings. A passion for sharing yoga with all who are open, he believes there is "a yoga" for everyone – it is just a matter of finding the right teacher(s) and style(s). Matthew enjoys creating dynamic sequences to keep his students present and believes that this is key to an effective practice. His teaching style is strong and soft, balancing strength and flexibility.