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Telephone: (613) 302-5561
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Styles: Deep Stretch Yoga, Gentle Yoga, Hatha Yoga (All Levels), Hatha Yoga (Beginner), Hatha Yoga (Intermediate), Hot Yoga, Meditation, Power Vinyasa, Power Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Yin - Meditation, Yin Yoga, Yin/Yang, Yoga for Seniors
Centres: PranaShanti Yoga Centre

About Jessica

Jessica first discovered Yoga over 5 years ago-drawn to the overall peace and contentment that it brought into her life. Before discovering Yoga Jessica was busy-like most of us-trying to balance family, work, school, and friends. She spent very little time taking care of herself, but she yearned for something more from life.

After discovering Yoga, Jessica quickly became passionate about it. She had finally found her calling in life, and found a way to make time for herself while doing something beneficial for her body and mind and having fun at the same time. Only after three years of practicing Yoga, Jessica began teaching and has been for over two years now. Immediately after beginning Yoga Jessica's chronic back pain stopped—making her live living with joint pain, causes by Fibromyalgia, tolerable.

Jessica has completed the 200 hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training, and is working towards completing the 500 hour Hatha Teacher Training certification. Her passion for Yoga is more than just exercise, it's a lifestyle, and she is honored to share this beautiful practice with others.  

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We are what we practise.