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About Kim

Kim has been teaching Zen Yoga for over eight years after meeting her teachers in Asia in 2001.  Kim studied yoga and zen meditation for almost two years at the Korean Meditation Yoga Centre in Seoul Korea. She had the honour of mentoring under two accomplished instructors, Master Jin Sung and Master Ton Sun who are continuing students of Grand Master Dae Won.  Kim enjoys helping others to be healthy and happy and find peace and clarity through yoga and meditation.  Zen Yoga is a relaxing and gentle style of Hatha yoga involving sustained poses, natural breath and elements of Zen meditation.  The purpose of Zen Yoga is to experience true relaxation and to recognize that this true relaxation begins in our Mind.  By learning this on an experiential and intrinsic level, we can eventually develop the ability to connect to this relaxed Mind at any time, regardless of the state of our body or external environment.  With each class the student builds on their abilities to release tension, relax the breath, and easily connect to their fundamental calm nature. 

My Quotations

"When you realize how perfect everything is you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky."  --Gautama Buddha

Private Sessions

Also available for private Zen Yoga or Zen Meditation sessions.  $30 per hour.  Please contact