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Please note that if you are registering to be the administrator of a yoga centre in Ottawa, that you must either contact us to be added as an administrator, or simply use the email address we have associated with the centre to create your account. You can change your email address after initial registration to point to another account.

Once you create your profile, you will be sent an email with instructions to verify and activate your account. If your name appears as you type it below, we have classes registered on the schedule already. Please make sure to select the name as it appears to link up your classes to your new profile.

Note: accurate names are critical!

In order to match your classes to your profile we use your first and last name as above. If you use a spiritual name, you may wish to use it here. If you aren't consistent with the representation of your name between here and the studios you work with, your class schedule will be inaccurate.
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